Solar Panel Installation


As a certified installer of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Solar X USA assembles, set up, and maintain rooftop or other systems that convert sunlight into energy for your home or busienss.


likely take a few days to a week, depending on your solar setup’s complexity and size.

Our installation team usually arrives in the morning and prepares their work area. The crew will get on the roof and other locations where panels will be installed and plan for where the panels go.

How we install your solar panel system depends on the type of roof your home or business has; there are different mounting procedures and hardware for different types of roofs.

Generally, our installers will first install the mounting hardware, then connect the inverters, and finally install the panels, somewhat similar to how an assembly line, operates.. In some cases, the installers may need to cut power to the home or business for a few hours or at the most a full day.


Get Started

Contact Solar X USA for quality solar system installation and continuing service after the sale.  

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Once the solar panel system is installed and operational, your Solar X installer will review the work before they leave, walking the owner through the operation and functions of the solar panel system. “We go over the details of the monitoring system, which shows the power production for the entire system as well for each solar panel.  she says. We want the owner to know what to expect from their system’s performance and when an issue requires contacting Solar X to setup a service call.

Once the system is ready to go live, owners will need to obtain a final inspection and approval from their local power utility or cooperative before using their system. That can sometimes take several days to a few weeks.  Once the system passes that inspection, the maintenance of the solar panels is pretty simple.

Solar X USA encourage all solar system customers to reach out to us if they have questions or concerns.